enIRaF (Marie Curie Project):
enhanced information retrieval
and filtering for analytical systems
Ying Ding
Project Data
• Full title: Enhanced Information Retrieval and
Filtering for Analytical Systems
• Short Title: ENIRAF
• Proposal number: FP6-509766
• Contract number: MTKD-CT-2004-509766
• Duration of the project: 48 Months
• Starting date: Oct 1, 2004
• Total Budget: 265KEURO for the whole project
• The main goal of the project is to build
new competencies of the Department in
order to achieve a European level of
research in information retrieval and
filtering from the Internet.
• Co-ordinator: The Poznań University of
Economics (PL)
• Partner:
– Forschungszentrum Informatik an der Universitaet
Karlsruhe (DE),
– Hogskolen i Stavanger (NO),
– Institut fuer Informatik der Universitaet (AT),
– Kuratorium OFFISS e.V. (DE),
– Technische Universitaet Bergakademie Freiberg (DE),
– The University of Sheffield (UK),
– University of Twente (NL)
• The innovative concept is to join the
achievements in information filtering,
knowledge representation and decision
support systems. Semantic Web
technologies and especially the use of
ontologies, are expected to enable a much
higher degree of automation and
scalability in performing operations
pertaining to the searching and extracting
Current Status
• Work been done:
– Host of Krzysztof Wecel from January 1, 2005
to March 31, 2005, topic: Semantic Web
– Host of Witold Abramowicz from May 1, 2005
to June 30, 2005, topic: Web Services.
• Future work plan for DERI
WP1: formal models of ontologies
WP2: tools for ontologies
WP3: Semantic Web Technologies
WP4: Filtering of personal information
WP5: Decision making process
WP6: Web services
WP7: Semantic Web Modelling in KAON
WP8: Ontologies for Information Retrieval and Filtering 1
WP9: Learning communities supported by Information Filtering
WP10: Time context of information
WP11: Spatial context of information
WP12: Mobile information filtering
WP13: Ontologies for information retrieval and filtering 2
WP14: Human language technology
WP15: Ontologies for information retrieval and filtering 3
Wp16: Virtual reality enhanced filtering