Thanks for
your work!!
Summary of the 1. meeting
How was the atmosphere at the meeting?
Find 6 adjectives!
Freundlich, nett, kommunikativ, verträglich, arbeitsam, hilfsbereit
Amazing, very friendly, open , warm, hard working, pleasant, funny
Welcoming, happy, organized, warm easy, quiet
Mitteilung, Harmonie, Freude, Interessant, glücklich, Humor, wir
haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt
Friendly, cheerful, funny, cooperative, interesting, multicultural
Happy, interesting, hospitable, harmony, collective, share
Mention 6 things you would like to remember.
Annehmen der Kinder, Freundschaft, Autorität ist wichtig, aber auch nett sein, Treffen
der Lehrer aus dem Ausland ist eine Superidee, neue Erfahrungen, dass Lehrer auch
gute Leute sind
Friendly atmosphere the whole meeting, Lessons with children (they are really lovely,
Welcoming of German teachers
Fantastic social evening and presentations, Perfect organisation of all things, Learning
Lovely meeting, brave teacher, clever kids, good food, learning, teaching
Freundschaft, Interesse von den Kindern, Freude, Rezeption, das Essen, die Eltern,
Deutsche Hymne- hat mich bewegt
The nice atmosphere, The new partners enthusiasm in doing the project, the children’s
curiosity, The wonderful, Thuringia, The perfect organisation,
Participation, share, new ideas of work, cultural meeting, children interesting, happy
In which points was the meeting successful for you?
Führung der Unterrichtsstunde, Schätzung der Unterrichtsstunde,
Vergleich der Bedingungen in den Schulen
Knowing each other, exchanging experience, teaching German
pupils, evaluation of lessons, knowing culture
The good and hard work in the spirit of the group, old rabbits and
new entry
Andere Menschen kennen zulernen und die Arbeitsmethode
Everybodys, motivation and involvement. The topic we have chosen.
The great skills of the Coordinator, The good work we have done.
I like to see everybody work in the same project: Parents, teachers,
children. I like very much Because I saw many things different and I
can change.
What would you
Free comment?
like to change?
Super ist, dass wir ähnlich und
verschieden sind, wir haben gleiche
Ziele, Vorstellungen v Johan Amos,
Comenius, Es ist auch sehr gut, sehr
schön, dass wir auch Zeit haben, die
ausländischen Städte kennenzulernen
Alles in Ordnung nur weiter so 
Everything was perfect
Sometimes the weather
Nichts, es war alles sehr gut
Thank you very much for everything,
your willingness to help, WE are sure to
come back
Nothing in particular
Life is beautiful and of course
Comenius project is becoming the most
important activity in each school
Gab gute Harmonie und Freude
zwischen den Partnern
We really had a very good time together
from the very beginning. The feeling of
is the right one to have success!
I’m well, because I found other teachers
and we shared many things and help
me to believe that we want to change
the world.
I would like to change in my
school (elementary) organise all
place where the kids play and
may be I’ll try to change the
classroom. If the elementary
teachers let me help. At the
meeting everything is ok. There is
nothing to change.