ePortfolio for Kids
Wolfgang Helmeth
International Institute for the Promotion
of the Development of Youth
ePortfolio for Kids
in Social Networks across Generations,
Competencies and Cultural Backgrounds
Where would you be now
if you would have had an ePortfolio as a child?
the pedagogic concept
ePortfolio Interface: EDEJU-Atlas
ePortfolio of Anika and Paula
ePortfolio of Gungun
ePortfolio of Leonard: the clown
Ich bin Leonard
Meine Projekte
ePortfolio of Falko: the tinkerer
Ich heisse Falko
ePortfolio of Daniel: the success story
• Self-development
• To be present as an individual in the global
village (as opposed to ePortfolios in schools)
• New opportunities: using the ICT to realise
global projects
• Networking with like-minded people
irrespective of age and domicile
Thank you
Wolfgang Helmeth

Social Networks