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Company for public relations and business
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Attributes of Public Private Partnership (PPP)
• Cooperation between a public institution and at least one private
sector provider
• Often long-term agreements and founding of joint company
• Both partners contribute with their resources
• Joint focus on shared goals
• Determinants of PPP:
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PPP models
Quelle: ICG Infora Consulting Group, Graz
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PPP – chances and risks
 Opening of new financing possibilities for investments
 Shared risks
 Efficiency increase through goal oriented sharing of
tasks and functions
 (Public) worry over extent and quality of maintanence
 Danger of disadvantage for the public hand during
the distribution of public tasks
 General lack of experience concerning PPP,
especially regarding services and administration
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Example No. 1: The new Nordkettenbahn in Innsbruck
Public partner: Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahn GmbH (INKB)
Private partner: Nordpark Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH
PPP-Modell: Concession model
Term: 30 years after take-over with the option for prolongation
Ownership: The facility is owned by the public INKB
Risks: The economic risk lies with
the Nordpark Errichtungsund Betriebs GmbH
• Investment volume: ca.
51million Euro
• Construction start: 2005
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Example No 2: Soziales KompetenzzentRum
• Public partner: KompetenzzentRum Gemeinnützige
• Private partner: Neue Heimat Tyrol,
Humanocare Management-Consult GmbH
• PPP-Model: Neue Heimat: Building concession model,
Humanocare Management-Consult:
Management model
• Term: Building concession: 8 years
Management agreement: 5 years
• Risks: The economic risk is assumed
by the public Betriebs GmbH
• Investment volume: 7 million Euro
• Yearly turnover: 2 million Euro
• Built in: 2003
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Beispiel 3: Regional government building II
• Public partner: The Region of Tyrol
• Private partner: L2-Errichtungs GmbH (100% daughter of Hypo
Leasing Tirol)
• PPP model: Classification difficult because construction
company responsible only for financing
and Tyrol for project management
• Ownership: Land and facilities
are owned by L2-Errichtungs GmbH
• Risks: L2-Errichtungs GmbH took
over building costs and economic risk
• Investment volume: 41 million Euro
• Construction end: 2005
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Example No. 4: Digitalfunk BOS Austria
Public partner: Bundesministerium für Inneres (BMI)
Private partner: Tetron AG (Consortium between Motorola and Alcatel)
PPP-Model: Carrier model
Length: Building phase until 2009. Then 25 years
Ownership: The built facilities are owned by
Tetron AG, then the public hand has
the right of preemption.
Risk: Tetron AG carries the economic risk.
The Interior Ministry carries the risk of
heightened costs due to possible legal
Investment volume: 130 million Euro
Construction start: 2004
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Example No. 5: New municipal building Innsbruck
Public partner: The City of Innsbruck
Private partner: Rathaus Passage GmbH (8 associates)
PPP-Model: Concession model
Length: 80 years
Ownership: The building is owned by the edification company during
the length of the project. Afterwards the city takes over ownership.
Risk: The public partner must bear the costs
in case of insolvency and carries risk of
building costs for office space.
Private partner carries risk of building costs
for public business space.
Investment volume: 52 million Euro
Construction year: 2002
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